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Eurosjaj is committed to providing excellent solutions for the protection of metals from corrosion, oxidation and other harmful influences.
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Partner of one of the largest manufacturers of specialized chemical products with the aim of providing innovative solutions to improve everyday life.

We provide the highest quality products and services in accordance with European standards. Eurosjaj has won the trust of many clients across the continent!

27 years of existence

Safety comes first

Client trust across the continent

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General partner for the EX YU

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Eurosjaj also stands out for its constant focus on research and development of new products. Our team of experts is constantly working on innovations, educating themselves in the field of new technologies that enable even better protection of metals and achieving outstanding results.

Our expertise, innovation and superior products make us the first choice of many industries in Europe.

Metal parts being treated with zinc coating.

One of the key factors that sets Eurosjaj apart from the competition is our expertise and experience in understanding the specific needs and requirements of different industries. Regardless of whether it is the automotive, construction, metallurgy or any other industry that requires high surface protection of metals, Eurosjaj has customized solutions that meet the most demanding standards.

The quality of our products is unquestionable

All products comply with RoHS and WEEE regulations to ensure their efficiency and safety. In addition to high-quality products, Eurosjaj takes pride in its excellent customer support. Our team of experts provides technical assistance and advice to customers, helping them choose the right products and achieve desired results. Eurosjaj builds long-term partnerships with clients, offering comprehensive solutions for all their metal protection needs.



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Certificates and Standards

All Audits are implemented by TUV SUD and TUV NORD.


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