Trivalent chrome plating of elements (Cr III)

The latest technology is a line for trivalent chrome plating of elements, manufactured according to the latest environmental requirements

Fully automated line for trivalent chrome plating of elements – the latest technology on racks:

Alkaline copper plating (glossy and ductile coatings with very good corrosion resistance)

Acid copper plating (allows coatings that are shiny, smooth, and without internal tension)

Glossy nickel plating (excellent ductility of the layers, unchanged leveling and gloss properties over time, coating thickness up to 30 μm)

Chrome plating (a thin layer of chromium up to 0.5 μm protects the nickel from oxidation and tarnishing, while providing a light bluish tint with a mirror effect)

The basic materials that are protected on this line are zamak, brass, copper and steel.