Cataphoretic lacquering of elements (KTL)

Cataphoresis is a process in which metals are painted based on the action of a magnetic field. The process is reduced to the presence of positively and negatively charged particles. Staining is carried out in a liquid of paints and varnishes, whereby the water is charged opposite to the pigments.

By the action of an electric field, the paint is applied to the metal parts where the particles are directed towards the object of coloring, and the water goes in the opposite direction. Temperature is very important for this type of metal coloring, so each part of this process has different temperature properties. This staining process is very similar to a galvanic device, but unlike a galvanic device, it uses a higher voltage.

  • Automatic Line for cataphoretic painting of metal with black paint.
  • Coating thickness: 10 – 50 μm
  • Base Material: Steel, Castle, Aluminum
  • Zinc phosphating pretreatment provides additional corrosion protection